BMC Newsletter Article Directory

Alexander, A. E.

X-ray Fluorescence in Gemstones (May 1949)


Alfred Church Lane, 1863-1948. (May 1951)

Guest Editorial: Group Collecting (Mar 1989)

Snow (Jan 1951)

Betts, John

EFMLS Club Leadership Development (Oct 2007)

Biggart, Norman

Bancroft, Ontario Mineral Collecting Trip (Sept 1976)

Book Review: Gems, Minerals, Crystals and Ores by Richard Pearl (Jan 1981)

Center Ossipee Smoky Quartz Location under New Ownership (Sept 1976)

Field Trip Report: Cheapside Quarry, Deerfield MA (Nov 1975)

Cahoon, Jim

Collecting Minerals and Memories (Jun 1989)

Field Trips from Hell: Ossipee NH (Sept 2003)

Finding Localities the Old-Fashioned Way: Researching, Bushwhacking (Sept 1996)

Group Collecting: A Rebuttal (Apr 1989)

Massachusetts: A Classic Swiss Alpine Cleft Mineral Region (Sept 2005)

Tool Time with Jim (Oct 2008)

Used Geoscience Booksellers (June 1997)

Cares, Janet

Field Trip Report: Francon Quarry (Sept 1977)

Carpenter, Alden

From the Oil Patch: Radioactive Barite and Galena (Apr 2005)

Minerals and Mineral Collecting at Crestmore, California (Oct 2001)

Carter, Jerry

Pilgrimage to the Desert: Tucson Show Report (Apr 2002)

Taken for Granite [Zircon] (Jan 2006)

Coolen, Chris

In Memoriam: Ed Piela (Dec 1993)

Locality News: Mystic River Quarry (Jun 1993)

More on the Bearss Boulder [Mt Mica] (Jul 1996)

Palermo Update (Dec 1994)

Selected Pegmatite Deposits of Massachusetts (Nov 1995)

Cordua, Bill

Cosmetic Minerals of Ancient Egypt (Oct 2001)

Determining the Source of Gem Emeralds (Sept 2002)

Cornish, John

Field Trip Journals (Mar 2006)

Cowley, Rick

Classic American Mineral Localities (Mar 2008)

Non-Collecting Mineral Field Trips (Apr 2009)

Cristofono, Peter

Mineral Pronunciation Quiz (Feb 2009)

Minerals with Type Localities in Massachusetts (Dec 2007)

New England Rockhound's Search for Meteorites in Arizona (Apr 2006)

Some Recent Mineral Finds in New England, No. 1 (Oct 2007)

Some Recent Mineral Finds in New England, No. 2 (Mar 2009)

Currier, Rock

Cavansite Mining in India (Oct 2005)

Cinnabar Tea (Dec 2005)

Davis, Carlton M

Quartz (Mar 1962)

Dearborn, Grace G.

Alloys (Mar 1961)

Amethyst (Feb 1952)

Aquamarine (Mar 1961)

Beryl (May 1954)

Bloodstone (Mar 1961)

Clay Minerals (Apr 1951)

Crystals: The Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom (Feb 1954)

Diamonds for April (Apr 1961)

For New Members: Hardness of a Mineral (Nov 1953)

Fluorite (Dec 1954)

Garnets (Jan 1961)

Jade (Mar 1959)

Mineral Alteration (Nov 1960)

Pegmatites (Jun 1952)

Pegmatites (Mar 1953)

Quartz (Feb 1953)

Report: Portland, Oregon, Convention (Oct 1959)

Specific Gravity or Relative Density (Feb 1958)

Titanium Minerals (May 1952)

Topaz (Nov 1951)

Turquoise (Dec 1952)

Zircon (May 1962)

Dunn, Pete J.

Letter [Smithsonian Institution National Mineral Collection] (Jun 1973)

Ehrenfried, George

Early Devotion to Minerals (June 2005)

How I Came to the BMC (June 2005)

Evans, Howard J.

Report of the Locations Committee of the Boston Mineral Club (Dec 1942)

Report of the Locations Committee (Jan 1945)

Ferry, Elizabeth

Minerals from Guanajuato, Mexico: Mineralogy, Religion, Economics (May 2006)

Roebling's Last Letter? (Dec 2005)

Francis, Carl

In Memoriam: Lawrence C. Pitman (Apr 1996)

Massachusetts Minerals: A Proposal (Mar 1982)

George, Gilbert

Collecting [Johnston RI] (Feb 1970)

Recent Finds at Route 140 Roadcut, Lakeville, Mass. (May 1970)

Gilmore, Paul

Bavenite from the G. E. Pollucite Quarry, Buckfield, Maine (Feb 2003)

Book Review: Barren Lands by Kevin Krajick (Apr 2002)

Curse of Moat Mountain (Jan 2008)

Dan and Diane Kile Exhibit of Colorado Minerals, at the Springfield Show (Sept 2004)

Eden Mills, VT, Field Trip Report (Sept 2003)

Field Trips from Hell: When Palermo Freezes Over (Oct 2003)

Granite Pegmatite Found in Hudson, MA: A Brief Field Report (Jan 2010)

Harvard Museum Mineral Show Report (Apr 2001)

Ladder Day Collecting (Feb 2001)

Maine Mineral Symposium Report (Jun 2003)

Microminerals of the Havey #2 Quarry, Topsfield, Maine (May 2002)

Mineral Collecting in Aruba (Apr 2008)

Palermo No. 1 Mine Field Trip Report (Sept 2003)

Pre-Hibernation Collecting [Palermo Mine] (Feb 2002)

What Is It About Maps? (June 2004)

Winter Survival Guide for Mineral Collectors (Jan 2004)

Zeolite Collecting in the Land of Bigfoot (Apr 2003)

Glenn, Gary

Minerals and Mine Fires (Dec 1995)

Hall, William J.

Collecting: Groups, etc. - My Opinion! (May 1989)

Hasler, Cindy

Gypsum Collecting in Canada (Nov 2008)

Hoskin, John & Sally

Trip to the Blandford, MA, Kyanite Area (Sept 2008)

Janules, Bob

Micromounter Explores New Hampshire's Conway Granite: Conway Granite (Apr 2004)

Micromounter Explores New Hampshire's Conway Granite: N Sugarloaf 1 (May 2004)

Micromounter Explores New Hampshire's Conway Granite: N Sugarloaf 2 (Jun 2004)

Micromounter Explores New Hampshire's Conway Granite: Iron Mt Mines (Dec 2004)

Micromounter Explores New Hampshire's Conway Granite, Kancamagus Hwy area (June 2005)

Jones, Bob

Turquoise: Blue Sky - Blue Stone (Mar 2002)

Jones, Chandler W.

Field Trip Report: Mont St. Hilaire (Sept 1977)

Heyn, Arno

The Mica Mine and Chanterelles (Apr 1997)

Kluck, Steven

Reopen Diamond Point to Rockhounds! (May 2002)

Knox, Arthur S.

Field Trip Report: Amherst Notch Quarry and Loudville Silver-Lead Mine [MA] (Jul 1939)

Field Trip Report: Bolton Lime Quarries [MA] (May 1939)

Field Trip Report: Diamond Hill, Copper Mine Hill and Harris Lime Quarry [RI] (Oct 1939)

Field Trip Report: Strickland Quarries [CT] (Jun 1939)

Field Trip Report: Newry Quarries and Black Mountain [Maine] (Jul 1939)

Krajick, Kevin

The Great Canadian Diamond Rush (Feb 1995)

Krumm, Gerald F.

Cryptocrystalline Varieties of Quartz (Apr 1963)

Goniometer (Oct 1952)

Spectroscope (Nov 1952)

Unusual Gem Materials (May 1963)

Krupa, Bob

Mineralogist's Toolbox: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (May 1996)

Mineralogist's Toolbox: Atomic Emission Spectrometry (Feb 1996)

Mineralogist's Toolbox: Fire Assay (May 1996)

Liebman, Barbara

Aggregate Industries Quarry, Wrentham, MA: Field Trip Report (June 2007)

Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show/ Gem and Mineral Museums (June 2009)

Marshall, John

Zurich Mineralbourse (Feb 1975)

Martin, Nathan

BMC Field Trip Report: Graves Mountain, Lincolnton GA (May 2005)

California Dreamin' (Mar 2001)

Collecting Report: Snowbird Mine, Lolo National Forest, Mineral County, Montana (Sept 2008)

Easterner's Guide to California Collecting Localities, Part 2 (Feb 2005)

Field Trip Report: Kentucky-Illinois Fluorite District (Nov 2006)

Greetings from Tucson! (Mar 2009)

Internet Treasures for the Mineral Collector: The Rockhounds Mailing List (Feb 1997)

Minerali di Italia (June 2002)

Mining the Internet [Lithos] (Dec 2004)

Report of a Scouting Trip to the National Limestone Quarry, Mount Pleasant Mills, PA (Nov 2009)

Report on the BMC Auction and Party (Feb 2008)

Report on the BMC Field Trip to the Tamminen Quarry in Greenwood, Maine (Nov 2004)

Visit to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (Apr 2007)

Why Do You and I Collect Minerals? (Dec 2003)

Wulfenite from the Purple Passion Mine (Feb 1997)

Miller, Bill

Arkansas Quartz Dig (Feb 1990)

Mulvey, Joe

Cataloguing Your Collection (Dec 2008)

Field Trip Notes: Lyman, NH Roadcut for Pyrite (Sept 2007)

Geological and Mining Terms (Mar 2006)

Pearl Lake/Mink Pond Staurolite Locality Closed (June 2009)

Trip to the Ely Mine, Orange County, Vermont (Nov 2007)

Winter Wonderland at the Palermo Mine (Apr 2008)

Nelson, Gordon

Interesting Connecticut Locality [Wendy's locality, Newington CT] (May 1980)

Locality Facts and Fables (Mar 1981)

Report from Oxford County, Maine (with Diane Nelson) (Oct 1981)

Status of Field Collecting Sites (Oct 1980)

Tucson, As Usual (Mar 1982)

Winter Collecting at I-290/495 Continues (Mar 1980)

Nelson, Ruth

Phoenix Gem and Mineral Show (Mar 1980)

Nickerson, Colin

Prospectors See Fortune in Labrador Lode (Nov 1995)

Plante, Alan

Iron Mountain Mines, Bartlett, NH (Mar 1997)

White Mountain National Forest Collecting Regulations (Sept 1996)

Plante, Archie

Collector's Alert: White Mountain National Forest, NH and Maine (May 1997)

Platt, Garry

Amber: Frozen Moments in Time (Apr 1997)

Portnoy, Mitchell

Purchasing Minerals: Rock-Solid Advice (Oct 1996)

Reed, Robert M.

Granites Are Like Ice Cream (May 2001)

Rush, Larry

On the Lighter Side: The Laws of Mineral Collecting (Feb 1997)

Ryan, Maureen

Boston Mineralogical Symposium, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Sept 1987)

Savage, Henry G.

Field Trip Report: Blueberry Mountain Quarry and Devil's Den (May 1938)

Field Trip Report: Chester Emery Mine (Oct 1938)

Field Trip Report: Ruggles Feldspar Mine (Jul 1938)

Schlichter, Ernie

Book Review: Minerals of Brazil (Dec 1973)

Closing the Curtain on St. Hilaire (Apr 1981)

Detroit Show: An Appraisal (Jan 1976)

Rochester Mineral Show (Jun 1974)

Show News: Greater Detroit Show (Nov 1972)

Show News: Greater Detroit Show (Dec 1973)

Show News: Tucson Show (Mar 1973)

Schroeder, Carl

Halloween Rockhound Who Stole Christmas Magic (Dec 1997)

Summer Field Trip Report (Sept 1996)

Segedy, Stephan

Field Trip Report: Maine Doubleheader Weekend (Oct 2008)

Field Trip Report: Maine Doubleheader Weekend, Noyes Mountain, Greenwood, ME (Dec 2009)

Segeler, Curt G.

Why Micromounts? (Mar 1997)

Sicree, Andrew

Diamonds, Coal and Carbon (Jan 2008)

Tiger's Eye Explained (May 2008)

Sproule, Robert

Gem Rhodonite in Cumberland, RI (Feb 1996)

More Gem Rhodonite in Cumberland, RI (Apr 1996)

Swenson, Don

The Trebilcock Locality [Topsham, Maine] (Feb 2008)

Wall, Suzanne

Grossular Garnet Occurrence, Carlisle, Massachusetts (Dec 2008)

Warner, Jim

Palermo 7-7-2001 (Nov 2001)